Featured Extension: Polarion Connector for Siemens Teamcenter

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Every so often we like to point up one of the many extensions available to Polarion users on our Extensions Portal. This time we’re showcasing a fairly new one: Polarion Connector for Teamcenter. If you’re developing embedded systems, IoT apps, or any kind of software that is part of a physical product, you’ll want to check this one out, because it represents a significant breakthrough in bridging the heretofore disconnected worlds of ALM and PLM. 

PLM and ALM meet to form a single ecosystem

In the last decade we have seen the demarcation between product development and software development becoming increasingly blurred as software becomes a larger component of product delivery. One of the issues that has arisen as a result of this blurring is the disconnect between Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) tools and Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) tools. Today’s leading PLM and ALM tools evolved independently, addressing different issues, opportunities, and processes. Lacking a common “language”, traditional approaches to integration have provided only marginal opportunities for synchronizing these two worlds.

The Polarion Connector for Teamcenter is a breakthrough in ALM-PLM orchestration. Leveraging the very latest developments in integration technology, this verified and supported extension ensures that product development organizations have a single, cohesive product ecosystem, with multi-directional linking of ALM and PLM data and processes. Seamless ALM-PLM interchange unlocks tremendous cross-system and cross-team synergies, reducing design and development errors, and helping organizations make smarter decisions and better products.

Screenshot of connector page on Polarion Extensions portal
Polarion Connector for Teamcenter is available on the Extensions Portal

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