Extra Widgets For Polarion ALM

Open source is a key to the software development these days – and Polarion knows that fact very well. Subversive – Subversion Team Provider for Eclipse is a Polarion-sponsored project which is not only free to use, but everyone can look at its sources and contribute through the Eclipse project. Polarion Extension Portal lists many extensions which are free to use and are shipped with sources included, and a lot of them were authored by Polarion.

We have now pushed it one step further with the official Polarion GitHub. In the Polarion GitHub, you can find source code of Polarion extensions and supporting projects. If you want to do modifications of the code for your own needs, please feel free to do so, our license of choice is Apache License, Version 2.0 – but please check individual projects as there might be some differences – but we would love you to submit the changes back to us. Or, if you do not feel like touching the code, you are always welcome to submit the feedback through GitHub’s Issues system.

I would like to present the first extension that we have put on the GitHub: Extra Widgets for Polarion® ALM™. This extension contains several LiveReport Page widgets which allow you to visualize CSV data as tables:

Table based on CSV file

Or as charts:

Chart based on CSV file

You can download the ready-to-use archive from Extension Portal.

We are starting slowly, but we will provide more and more later this year. Stay tuned.

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