Enterprise vs. Developers: How Can ADLM Tool Vendors Conquer the Divide?

By rizzos

There are two conflicting (or at least contradictory) viewpoints in the market for application development lifecycle management (ADLM) tools. There is enterprise management that needs to comply with regulations and so wants exert a high degree of control over development. There are developers who want to be self-organizing. Can vendors of ADLM tools bridge this seemingly unbridgeable gulf? I believe they can, and here’s how…

When Enterprise wants a highly controlling solution (Rational style for example), and Development wants easy-to-use, and “cool” tools that keep them focused and “in flow” (Atlassian style, for example), there’s little hope of creating a solution that will make both sides happy, right? Well, actually, I have to say “au contraire”. The way to conquer the divide is what we here at Polarion Software like to call “Unified ALM”. A unified ALM tool is one that is chosen both by companies and developers because satisfies both sets of needs. We know this because hundreds of companies in a wide variety of industries use Polarion Software solutions every day to achieve exactly this.

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