Discussing Cybersecurity in the Connected Car Era

Millions of connected cars are hitting the roads each year, but cybersecurity remains a puzzling problem facing automakers, tech companies, and OEMs.

Auto buyers enjoy mobile connectivity, but trying to keep all of these emerging services secure is extremely difficult. To help discuss some of the challenges, and current solutions available, Polarion Software would like to invite you to the following webinar: “Cyber security for the connected car.”

The webinar takes place on:

Wednesday, May 18 @ 11:00 AM (8 AM PST). It’s a free 60-minute webinar, featuring Polarion Software’s Mike Borse, in addition to three other industry experts.

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Here is the webinar abstract:

While connectivity and data are the currency of our age, capitalizing on them in the automotive sector comes with significant risk. Internal and external vehicle networks are more pervasive than ever before, broadening the attack surface of connected cars and placing an additional burden of safety and security on automakers and Tier 1s.”

In this live online event, learn how isolation techniques and security measures from the embedded industry can be leveraged to protect modern vehicles from unwanted code or malicious attack. Best practices are explained, technology examples provided, and questions answered by silicon, software, and networking experts invested in the integrity of the connected car.

Cybersecurity will continue to be a major topic in the headlines, as the market continues to rapidly develop. In addition to the thought that your vehicle might need anti-virus, and scammers may be targeting you, there is a risk of data theft, privacy invasions, and safety-related problems with new vehicles.

Our friend Oleg Shilovitsky, from BeyondPLM, mentioned vehicle cybersecurity in his “Software and Security of Connected Products”blog post.

How Polarion Can Help:

Polarion Software recognized early on the significance of ALM with respect to safety-critical applications, with emphasis on embedded software development, and especially for software development within highly regulated, and/or standards driven industries. Polarion has responded to the needs of automotive systems engineers and software development teams to incorporate ISO 26262 risk assessment and classification early in their software development lifecycles, and to ensure functional safety compliance and traceability during verification and validation phases. — “Shifting Demands Don’t Need to be Automatic Vulnerabilities

There are new challenges – in a constantly evolving market – so being proactive in connected car cybersecurity cannot be neglected.

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