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Automation & Reuse are Fundamental to Modern ALM 

Process Automation & Reuse are fundamental in today’s highly competitive world, you need to ensure that your software development teams are working efficiently and effectively. They are central to an organization’s ability to develop software and are core pillars of modern application lifecycle management (ALM).

To drive efficiencies, orginizations’ need to have, well-defined and well-designed processes – that’s the easy part. The challenge however lies in:

  1. Ensuring all team members know and understand the process and how it applies to their role

  2. To guard against errors due to incomplete information or incorrect understanding of the process

  3. Enforcing the process and ensuring that all steps are followed and never skipped

  4. To make sure that designated people review and sign-off on items in the process

  5. To document that the process has been rigorously followed

Polarion ALM’s patented configurable process and work-flow automation engine  simply eliminates these pitfalls. 

Reuse by definition exemplifies efficiencies, it is a central pillar of a modern ALM solution. Reuse in the context of ALM simply does not apply to an organizations ability to reuse code alone. The concept of reuse in ALM is the ability for an organization to reuse as much, if not everything, that is part of the application lifecycle management process, including but not limited to configuration, project templates, work item templates, workflows,  artifacts, libraries, specifications, and yes also code. Polarion ALM’s ability to reuse these and much more is a huge time saver in achieving the efficiencies organizations are looking for.

To learn more about Polarion and how it can help to modernize your development toolchain through Collaboration, Traceability, Reuse, Interoperability and Automated Compliance, contact your Polarion sales advisor or better yet Test Drive Polarion ALM.


One thought about “Automation & Reuse with Polarion ALM
  • Awesome post, it helps me understand how to adapt Polarion to automation industry.


    One of my client chose Polarion to support the requirement of ISO26262 (for automotive part manufacturing) and it is key functionality to export required document as MS-Word file and it works well, however it needs some enhancement.


    • It needs to configure the custom properties of exported MS-Word file from the properties if any object managed by Polarion.
    • Turning off and unlock the exported MS-Word file is required;
      Polarion support 3 options to export of MS-Word and that track changes function is NOT off by default, it should be done by user to remove update history to send back to the their client, and only part of it can be modified by user and it is locked according to the option selected.
    • Project need to be duplicated -cloned-;
      Is is common to duplicate exsting project that is similar with working one – small number of document and items would be updated or deleted later -, it is not available to clone the it, duplication of reuse can be applied to template and document modules and work items, however it is not supported to duplicated working project.
      I saw the same requirement is raised by other engineer and the answers are just an workaround.

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