An Air Tight Solution to Dated DOORS

By MichaelH1

Today’s fast-paced product line engineering environment demands that you compete and capitalize on opportunities.

You must be able to innovate at unprecedented speeds while improving quality and managing a complex lifecycle of compliance and regulatory standards.

Successful in its day, DOORS is now antiquated, lacking the agility to keep pace with modern development methodologies. DOORS simply cannot expect to meet today’s high demands when it was designed before the browser and smart devices were invented.


Even with additional financial investments, trying to use DOORS today provides an antiquated platform that prevents full traceability of all lifecycle artifacts.

Unfortunately, as DOORS Next Generation (NG) is promoted, customers are discovering it has been built upon a different technology than the original DOORS, many customers remain unable to properly address their complex projects for electrical, mechanical, and software engineering.

For engineers relying on the DOORS infrastructure, who must deal with development inefficiencies caused by an aging platform – allow us to demonstrate why Polarion is a proven alternative to DOORS.

Polarion ALM provides a 100% browser-based Requirements Management platform, where collaboration, traceability, and user experience are core principles built into our DNA, with full traceability and better collaboration functionality.

To learn more about how Polarion delivers a modern requirements management solution, please view this fact sheet:

If you’re ready to take your organization’s development strategy to the next level, the Polarion team is available to answer any questions you may have. If you would like to experience a live demo of your DOORS data in Polarion, we’re available to assist.

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