ALM-PLM and Good Software: Helping You Transition into the I4.0

Internet connectivity is making drastic changes in your home and workplace, while manufacturers try to keep up with the ongoing software evolution.

Embracing I4.0 presents great benefits, but there are a number of different challenges: risk management, test management, quality assurance, cybersecurity, and other causes for concern.

To discuss some of the challenges, we’ve spent time discussing the need for “good software” in the current age of IoT and I4.0.

Application lifecycle management (ALM) and product lifecycle management (PLM) processes are no longer siloed apart, and unified ALM-PLM has flourished. Your organization will be able to optimize processes and tools – while reducing the possibility of releasing a faulty product.

As IoT spending and worldwide connectivity increase, we can expect to see more organizations try to maximize IoT as part of their design and development process. However, there will still be a significant amount of pressure on product developers and system engineers to properly prepare compliance and legal standards – while maximizing I4.0 adoption – as the industry moves forward.

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