Now available – SAE podcast with Dale Tutt: “Space, the next frontier”

Supersonic and hypersonic air travel… Space tourism… Living on the moon… A space hotel?  Dale Tutt, Vice President of Aerospace and Defense at Siemens Digital Industries Software, sits down with SAE International’s Grayson Brulte to discuss what the future holds for the A&D industry.

Dale talks about how private industry is changing space tourism and exploration and what this means to citizens on planet Earth. What will the digital transformation look like at the DoD? Dale discusses the key roles simulation can play in a variety of areas from early concept to improving product development – to more effective testing and reducing the time needed for testing. The idea of “virtual certification” is explored.

Dale also touches on a few career highlights and successes (Dale led the team that designed and built, and then flew, the Scorpion aircraft).

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Talking Aerospace Today Podcast Podcast

Talking Aerospace Today Podcast

The A&D Industry is at a serious inflection point. Transformation to the digital enterprise has opened up a new era in innovation and technological breakthroughs. However, complexity and compliance continue to hamper the best of efforts.

Join us as we explore how Siemens is turning complexity into a competitive advantage for many of our customers – today and well into tomorrow.

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