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By Ed Bernardon and Jamie Tyler

Welcome back to the Future Car Podcast, and an episode we know that you will enjoy. This week, we are joined by Cartier Brown, co-founder of Avicar, a company using remote reality technology to race sports in cars in the first private motor racing league of its kind. Here’s what you can expect from the full episode, which will go live later this week 👇

An introduction to remote reality 🚙

A similar immersive technology to virtual reality and augmented reality, but with a twist. Avicar pioneers technology that relies on live stream cameras; you can experience other environments in the real-world, in real-time. A potentially game changing technology in the world of motor racing!

The emergence of the ‘Smart Track’ 🏁

Learn how Avicar are creating a track that communicates with the car, and why that is absolutely critical to drastically the dangers that come with remote racing,

Merging competitive racing with wearable technology 👔

You may be thinking, how can you experience the true feeling of driving a race car, without being sat behind the wheel? Well, Avicar are marrying the racecar with haptic technology to simulate g force compression or scraping the wall with the tyres.

Cartier Brown | Co-founder of Avicar, A company pioneering private racing for remote controlled race-cars

Cartier Brown | Co-founder of Avicar, A company pioneering private racing for remote controlled race-cars

Cartier Brown, the co-founder of Avicar, made his name in the movie and music video business, having an incredibly successful career; this was the inspiration which led to the launch of Avicar. Combining this success alongside a passion to push the needle for remote car racing, Cartier continues to put Avicar on the map with their innovative and inspiring concepts. Cartier was nominated for his work on the music video ‘Going Bad’; a Drake and Meek Mill record, a testament to the blend of experience and knowledge Cartier continues to build on.

Ed Bernardon, Vice President Strategic Automotive Initiatives – Host

Ed Bernardon, Vice President Strategic Automotive Initiatives – Host

Ed is currently VP Strategic Automotive Initiatives at Siemens Digital Industries Software. Responsibilities include strategic planning and business development in areas of design of autonomous/connected vehicles, lightweight automotive structures and interiors. He is also responsible for Future Car thought leadership which includes hosting the Future Car Podcast and development of cross divisional projects. Previously he was a founding member of VISTAGY that developed light-weight structure and automotive interior design software acquired by Siemens in 2011, he previously directed the Automation and Design Technology Group at MIT Draper Laboratory.  Ed holds an M.S. in mechanical engineering from MIT, B.S. in mechanical engineering from Purdue, and MBA from Butler.

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