Understand hardware-in-the-loop testing – Model Based Matters ep. 7

By Nick Finberg

In MBSE, testing gives confidence to engineers by confirming that the product they developed works as intended. With virtual hardware-in-the-loop (HIL), the engineers can easily generate the right data to prove their hypothesis as well as improve on the design’s performance. That data can also be used by machine learning models if there is a need for end-product automation.

Today’s hosts are Nicholas Finberg of Siemens Global Marketing, and Tim Kinman, Vice President of Trending Solutions and Global Program Lead for Systems Digitalization at Siemens Digital Industries Software. They are joined by Michael Baloh and Jan Richter, both from Siemens Digital Industries Software.

In this episode, you’ll learn how hardware-in-the-loop simulation works as well as how it fits into the continuous verification process. You’ll also learn about the benefits of a virtual HIL and how it facilitates automation at later stages of development. Lastly, you’ll hear about the best way to utilize the feedback collected from the end-products use.

What You’ll Learn in this Episode:

  • How software and loop testing fit into continuous verification (02:27)
  • Recent trends on HIL usage within the automotive design industry (06:50)
  • The difference between virtual HIL and a physical HIL (08:13)
  • Understand how far continuous verification and validation go within the MBSE process (10:35)
Jan Richter

Jan Richter

Domain Director Embedded Software Components at Siemens Digital Industries Software

Tim Kinman

Tim Kinman

Vice President, Trending Solutions Consulting & Global Program Lead for Systems Digitalization

NIcholas Finberg

NIcholas Finberg

Technical Writer at Siemens Digital Industries Software

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