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In many schools engineering education is the same today as it was 30 years ago. This podcast series seeks out those that are driving change.

Parikshit Borgowda is a graduate student engineer teaching at the University of Cincinnati. He drives change in the classroom by infusing real-world experiences. He developed a crash course for students to learn and apply Siemens software on practical examples and hands-on application. 

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Listen to Hannah Straub’s interview with Parikshit to learn how his crash course in Siemens software helps engineering students get a leg up in their studies and work. 


Most engineering students learn from hands-on experiences, but more often than not the only “experiences” they get are classroom lectures. 

This is why Parikshit Borgowda, a graduate student engineer, is driving changes in the engineering curriculum at a top university. He integrates practical examples and real-world applications to drive change on campus. He developed an entire crash course for students to use in order to learn Siemens software. 

So, listen to this crash course in Siemens software to learn how Parikshit Borgowda is exponentially helping engineering students get a leg up in their studies and work. 

Questions I Ask: 

  • Tell us about your engineering career thus far? How did you get to work with Siemens? (1:10)
  • Are there any example problems that you created that are super beneficial? (10:25)
  • Because of the NX Crash Course program, are students more aware of career opportunities at Siemens? (16:12)
  • What advice do you have for aspiring engineers? (25:03)

In This Episode, You Will Learn: 

  • Why students should learn Siemens software first. (6:19)
  • How the practical examples used to teach the software benefits students. (14:33)
  • The best way to engage students to give them a learning advantage. (17:40)
  • How Parikshit’s curriculum continuously improves and changes. (21:50)
  • What all goes on at the Simulation Technology Center. (24:17)

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