Siemens EDA PAVE360 and partners showcase cutting edge technology for SDV at Embedded World 2024

By Heather Campbell

Embedded World is just around the corner and the PAVE360 team is eagerly waiting to show the next developments towards our goal of putting a ‘virtual car on every engineer’s desk”

The PAVE360 environment can be used across the vehicle development lifecycle by OEM’s, Tier 1’s, Tier 2 and software development partners.

At this year’s Embedded World conference in Nuremburg, Germany we’ll be demonstrating how next generation SDV developers and software partners can leverage PAVE360, at each stage of this cycle.

Accelerated pre-silicon environment for SDV software development

As announced last month, PAVE360 is the first to provide an accelerated pre-silicon development environment for the new Arm Cortex-A720AE and Embedded World is the first chance to see an accelerated SoC model of the Cortex-A720AE SoC in the cloud.

In our PAVE360 accelerated pre-silicon development environment you can experience near-real time performance that helps you bring up your latest software on to the very latest CPU IP from Arm, way before first silicon. See our demo and learn how you can get a head start with Arm’s latest Cortex-A720AE CPU.

The PAVE360 accelerated pre-silicon software development environment is supported on AWS cloud services. Our close partnership with AWS allows us to create an embedded software development environment in the cloud and optimize cloud resources and configuration to deliver on fast simulation speed.

Enabling Arm’s SW partners to get started on the latest IP first

We’re already helping Arm’s partners bring up their software products on the latest IP:

Elektrobit will showcase their breakthrough open-source OS solution for high-performance computing based on the EB Corbos Linux. This will be shown running on NXP S32G as well as virtually on the Cortex-A720AE, on top of Siemens EDA PAVE360 accelerated pre-silicon simulation environment in the cloud

Sensory Inc will be demonstrating their speech to text model incorporating ChatGPT search running on Cortex-A720AE using the PAVE360 accelerated modelling environment. Speech to text will be running in real time on this CPU model, showcasing how solutions designed for the next generation of the SDV can be accessed already on the Cortex-A720AE, launched only a few weeks ago.

Tata Technologies will run containerized workloads of Automotive Applications using SOAFEE Reference Framework on a Virtual Platform on PAVE360. By using a Cloud Native Software Development methodology for the SDV, they provide complete binary parity between the software developed on the cloud and deployed on the Edge in the vehicle which is executed on the Cortex-A720AE. Using PAVE360 early validation of the complete stack is achieved accelerating the development, validation and deployment time ahead of silicon availability.

Refine and Validate the spec: Using HYBRID

Early software and hardware development can be performed using virtual models. In later stages of the design cycle greater accuracy is required. One of the greatest strengths of PAVE360 solution is that once when this time comes, RTL can be introduced to offer higher fidelity analysis. We will demonstrate how this can be used to optimize power and performance to refine and validate the spec.

System-system-solutions using BACKPLANE: Introducing  MARV – Mini Autonomous Reference Vehicle

PAVE360 is not just about creating digital twin of IP, SoCs, or even ECUs. It can be used to create a digital twin of the entire automotive electronics system-of-systems using BACKPLANE. This is exactly what we showcase with MARV for ADAS. MARV demonstrates how such a system will operate with real world stimulus. Next generation SDV is too complicated to test and validate in isolated unit-testing fashion!

These are just the highlights of what is on offer from PAVE360, come along to Hall 4, booth 4-641 and find out how the PAVE360 team can support you in your embedded SDV development! Want to schedule a meeting with us? Then download the Embedded World App and search for Siemens!

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