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Analyst Event: Helmuth Ludwig

Our president Helmuth Ludwig reviews the analyst event from an analyst, customer and Siemens PLM employee perspective.

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Analyst Event: Cambashi

Peter Thorne, director, Cambashi shares his takeaways from the analyst event. He was very interested in the use case by Siemens Infrastructure Logistics.

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Analyst Event: Siemens Infrastructure

Presenters from Siemens Infrastructure Logistics shared two unique product development programs in their presentation to the analysts today. The first dealt with postal service logistics and the seco...

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Analyst Event: Tony Affuso

Our chairman and CEO, Tony Affuso, recaps the past two days and shares his highlights of the event in this video.

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Analyst Event: Microsoft

This morning, Dave Gower, senior director of PLM for Microsoft presented to the analysts. It was interesting to hear about the hardware side of the software giant. It’s kind of the inverse of Siemens...

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Calendar Contest Deadline

  Last night we got a pic of one of our calendars on a cubicle wall at Adams Golf. It reminded me to remind you that the deadline for the 2010 calendar contest is Sept. 30. You can check o...

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Analyst Event: AMT

The other night I met up with a past colleague who was laid off a few months ago. I was impressed with how she retooled quickly into a freelance role. Yesterday I heard a similar retooling story but ...

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Government sponsored charity

A while ago, I wrote about the “.99 Phenomenon” – the technique whereby consumers are fooled into spending more money...

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Analyst Event: Field Trip

My colleague Shaun Ennis captured these videos while the on the shuttle bus on the way to Adams Golf. Bill Carrelli and analyst Jim Brown recap the event so far.