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Embedded Software

Stuffing bits

I am not a networking specialist. If you are an expert in this area, this posting will be teaching a...

Embedded Software

Pecha Kucha

I was at a committee meeting the other evening, where we were planning the first night of the season at...

Corporate Blog

Conics in Geometric Constraint Solving

As their name implies, conic sections (or just “conics”) are curves that are created by intersecting a conical surface with a plane. They are usually divided into three types:   &...

Corporate Blog

Engineer Versus Designer (the blog about the podcast)

I had a bit of fun with the Engineer Vs Designer podcast folks this week.  If you have not checked them out, they are Josh  Mings and Adam O’Hern, one a clever engineer and the other an ove...

Embedded Software

Web seminar

Just a quick “heads up”. If you are interested in the selection of an operating system for embedded applications [a...

Corporate Blog

Greetings from the GMA Executive Conference

The Siemens team is here in beautiful Colorado Springs at the GMA Executive Conference.  The past few days have provided excellent opportunities to speak with the industry leaders in food & ...

Corporate Blog

Extend Surfaces to Connect Mesh – Femap Tips & Tricks

See how you can use the Meshing Toolbox in Femap to extend surfaces and corresponding meshes to fill any potential gaps in the geometry and create a continuous finite element model. Alastair

Embedded Software


Embedded software development tools are important to all developers and a topic that I frequently discuss [like here]. The way...

Electronic Systems Design

HyperLynx PI Virtual Labs Launch!

This past week, HyperLynx took it’s first steps into cyberspace with the introduction of HyperLynx PI Virtual Labs! What is...