Solution Showcase: Manufacturing Intelligence on Cloud

By Alessandro Cereseto

Industry leaders today are determined to deliver customized products faster and with higher quality than the competition, while meeting local requirements on a global basis. By creating an infrastructure that facilitates rapid change at high quality, proactive manufacturers are equipping themselves to lead in these challenging times. And they are moving to the Cloud to do it.

With Siemens MOM software solutions on Cloud, you can completely digitalize and seamlessly integrate product and production lifecycles for flexible, scalable production processes that maximize your responsiveness to manufacturing events. Siemens Manufacturing Intelligence, a cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution, extends the Siemens MOM product portfolio by applying data integration, data analytics and reporting for Operational and Enterprise Intelligence across the entire manufacturing process.

Siemens Manufacturing Intelligence enables process visibility for faster, up-to-date decision making and global performance excellence. Manufacturing Intelligence connects, organizes and aggregates manufacturing data from various company sources into cohesive, intelligent and contextualized information to gain immediate and actionable insights.

Manufacturing Intelligence on Cloud natively connects to Siemens MOM data, and provides continuous feedback to MOM to drive execution, quality and scheduling optimization.
It securely and effectively manages data from MOM at the plant level to the Cloud, where it contextualizes the IIoT data stream (machine status, machine data inputs) with the order-related and part-related traceability information managed and recorded in the on-premise MOM systems. These extended analytics, connected with MindSphere IoT field data, drive improvement across the product and production lifecycle.

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Adopting Manufacturing Intelligence on Cloud for your manufacturing enterprise delivers a host of benefits:

    • A user-friendly UI that provides a compelling state-of-the-art experience
    • A flexible, scalable and easy-to-deploy cloud-based data analysis solution
    • Dashboards of KPIs throughout the global enterprise based on real-time and historical plant data and other data sources
    • Scorecards and dashboards with real-time drill down to the automation level, and vice versa
    • Both line and plant benchmarking to understand where improvement measures might be necessary, helping streamline and organize production capacity across plants
    • A framework for operational, tactical and strategic decisions at every company level
    • Real-time visibility into equipment efficiency KPI’s, empowering operators and decision-makers to take immediate corrective action to improve plant performance and productivity
    • Increased asset utilization with accurate information on equipment downtime
    • Realization of hidden improvement opportunities and enhanced collaboration for increasing asset performance and driving better production results
    • Determination and eliminatation of root causes of plant capacity losses with new insights from performance history data

Find out more about Manufacturing Intelligence on Cloud (at the moment available only in English, please select  English language if the system automatically switch you on local languages), and how you can rely on it for faster, fact-based decision making to optimize your manufacturing operations.

You can see the cloud-based solution in action at Hannover Messe 2018, 23 – 27 April, at the Amazon Web Services booth, D46 in Hall 6.

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