SIMATIC IT R&D Suite 7.5 is now available

We are excited to announce the latest version of the SIMATIC IT R&D Suite has been released!

Version 7.5 is now available. SIMATIC IT R&D Suite represents a major technological evolution, providing lightweight client applications to the user, employing web technology and HTML5. R&D Suite V7.5 is primarily focused on laboratory execution capabilities for regulated environments, good manufacturing practice (GMP) compliance and advanced sample planning.

New capabilities in R&D Suite 7.5 include:

  • Laboratory execution system (LES)

    • Assures adherence and gives guidance to operators in respecting standard operating procedures (SOP) in the lab

    • LES workflow visualization with workflow steps and color-coded status indicator


  • Laboratory information management system (LIMS)

    • Advanced sample planning

    • Subsampling enables creation of a hierarchy of samples

    • Data migration toolkit from SIMATIC IT Unilab v6.4/v6.7


  • Specification management enables specification comparison

  • Full GMP compliance for the entire SIMATIC IT R&D Suite with extended and printable audit trail

  • Improved usability

    • Improvements to application usability and performance for more speed and efficiency

    • Display full material description when adding materials to the bill of materials (BOM) or formula

    • Highlights differences side-by-side when comparing specifications

    • Provides access to specification details directly from the BOM


  • Technology

    • Authentication through user management console (UMC) and security assertion markup language (SAML)

    • Running on Windows Server 2019

See What’s New in SIMATIC IT R&D SUITE V7.5.

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