SIMATIC IT R&D Suite 7.2 is now available

By Alessandro Cereseto

Version 7.2 is now available.  SIMATIC IT R&D Suite V7.2 is the third version of the next-generation platform for the SIMATIC IT R&D Suite.  The release focuses on quality functionalities (LIMS), but also introduces the required building blocks to support formulated product design and specification management in future releases.

With SIMATIC IT R&D Suite V7.2 you can now leverage even more:

  • Out-of-the-box capabilities

    • The applied best practices bundle supports common business processes and common ways of working in laboratories.

    • The info card and info field may be assigned on an operational level.

    • Graphical navigating may be facilitated between requests in parent-child relations in the new contextual Mind Map.

    • The data localization application supports storing user data input in multiple languages. Data is displayed in the selected data language throughout the application.

    • Allows user to evaluate measurement ranges to take into account the physical and practical limitations of the lab instruments used for analytical determination.

    • New info fields container is available for files and images. Images can be displayed in full size or in thumbnails.

    • Supports the standard operating procedure (SOP), which enables a side-by-side display of the analysis (method) to guide execution.

  •  Usability

    • Dynamic launch pad, which, depending on your access rights, licenses and configurations, will give you access to the available modules.

    • Context is provided in Mind Map, which makes it easy to navigate between objects.

    • Configurable action bar allows users to choose which buttons to display in the action bar by drag-and-drop.

    • Improvements to docking panels enable you to more freely arrange the panels on the screen.

  • Configurability

    • Layout manager enables users to define different types of layouts to display data as needed.

    • Enhanced tasks to support date intervals and nested properties within tasks.

    • Ability to configure calculation for info fields.

  • Technology support

    • Provide support for the latest technologies, such as Windows 2016, Microsoft SQL Server 2016 and the Microsoft Edge browser.

    • Cloud readiness, product architecture and installation procedure are improved so you can easily deploy SIMATIC IT R&D Suite on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

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