Preactor APS version 17.1

We are excited to announce the latest version of Preactor APS has been released! Version 17.1 features improved operation properties and integration with Valor Production Plan.

Preactor software is a family of production planning and scheduling products that improve the synchronization of your manufacturing processes, giving you greater visibility and control to increase resource utilization and on-time delivery, while reducing inventory levels and waste. Preactor APS is a highly customizable capacity planning and scheduling package.

What’s new in Preactor APS version 17.1?

  • Improved operation properties

    • Capability to create operation property profiles

    • New operation properties display pane with quick access to color profiles and interactive highlighting

  • Integration with Valor Production Plan

    • Create easy-to-use yet comprehensive models to simulate production process

    • Benefit from optimization rules within Valor to schedule surface mount technology (SMT) operations



Already using Preactor APS? See what’s new in the latest version.

Want to learn more? Siemens provides an entire portfolio of solutions dedicated to Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM). Working together to optimize production processes within the Digital Enterprise, Manufacturing Operations Management software products focus on improving efficiency, flexibility and time-to-market.

Preactor advanced planning and scheduling (APS) is a complete range of solutions for detailed production scheduling and capacity planning, as well as generation of a graphical master production schedule. Learn more.

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