Keys to Successful New Product Introduction (NPI)

By Claudia Basso

Highlighting trends and implications of new studies by LNS Research

Don’t miss this webcast on NPI – sponsored by Siemens – to see the latest findings on industry performance across this critical area. Hear from Dan Jacob, Practice Director and Principal Analyst at LNS Research, cover these topics:

• Market dynamics broadly influencing new product introduction (NPI)
• NPI state of the market, and how to differentiate
• Role of quality in NPI and how to bridge the digital quality divide
• The Digital Innovation Cycle
• Outcomes with LNS recommendations

Manufacturers know how critical NPI is to market leadership and growth. Developing profitable, timely, high-quality products is even more important in today’s consumer-led environment. Leaders are striving for visibility into product performance, and feeling the competitive pressure on margins. “Better, faster, cheaper” – it’s “easy” to do one of these, hard to accomplish two, and impossible to achieve all three unless there is a strategic, collaborative, digitalized effort that spans the manufacturing enterprise.

See the results of LNS Research’s studies – across NPI, Quality, and other focus areas. You will come away with an understanding of true industry performance, benchmarks, and trends that can help guide your own NPI initiatives.
View the webcast today!

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