Emerging Medical Device and Diagnostics Manufacturing

By Sergio Bellisario

Part 2:  Engaging users in your digital manufacturing operations management infrastructure

As we discussed in Part 1 of this blog series, small- and medium-sized Medical Device and Diagnostics (MDD) manufacturers face a unique set of challenges in an already complex environment. They have fewer financial and human resources with which to address increasingly complex products and increasingly complex regulations. At the same time, they are racing the clock to get their potentially life-saving innovations to market ahead of their larger competitors.

Within their production environment, these manufacturers typically have lower-cost, less-skilled operators in manufacturing operations. They also have fewer IT resources to help with implementation and maintenance, and they have fewer engineers with the expertise to assist with process definitions and configurations that accompany the typical manufacturing operations management (MOM) platform deployment.

That’s why Siemens has developed an Opcenter MDD solution tailored for the small- and medium-sized business (SMB) in MDD manufacturing. Built on the leading MOM solution for MDD, our SMB solution accommodates the unique needs of each user within this environment.

Ease of use: Opcenter MDD SMB is built with a modern, mobile-ready user experience. Using familiar interface paradigms, users are able to quickly follow instructions and workflows, limiting the need for training and advanced skills.

Process definition and configuration support: Opcenter MDD SMB comes pre-configured with processes for the MDD manufacturing environment, including 170+ out-of-the-box (OOTB) modeling objects, 75+ OOTB user interfaces, and 20+ OOTB reports.  In addition, processes can be modified or created using modeling tools that simplify the work for users with less process definition expertise.

Zero code configuration: SMB manufacturers don’t always have expert programmers to assist with complex interface customization. With Opcenter MDD SMB, the user interface can be customized without writing code.

Rapid implementation model: Our rapid implementation model for SMB is based on industry OOTB configuration, validation support, and proven implementation templates. Using this model has reduced time to deploy for SMB from 6+ months to 3 months, reduced the required client resources by 75%, and reduced the overall cost of implementation by more than 65%.

Lower maintenance costs: Because Opcenter MDD SMB has many pre-configurations and ongoing software innovation from Siemens, the maintenance requirements for the solution are low. Often the business users are able to make configuration changes without IT support, further reducing the need for IT maintenance resources.

Siemens Opcenter MDD SMB is a perfect MOM solution for the emerging medical device manufacturer. Leveraging best practices for MDD and a host of modeling and configuration tools, users become more engaged in the platform, more bought into the process, and more able to help their companies achieve cost efficiencies in implementation and maintenance investments.

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