Big News Industrial Machinery Heavy Equipment: Siemens’ MES/MOM Leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant

By Claudia Basso

Siemens has been named by Gartner, Inc. as a “Leader” in its 2017 Magic Quadrant for Manufacturing Execution Systems/Manufacturing Operations Management (MES/MOM). Why is that big news for Industrial Machinery and Heavy Equipment Manufacturers?

Because that means Siemens’ MES/MOM, an anchor for collaborative manufacturing in the industrial machinery and heavy equipment industry, is built on the leading technology in the world. As you look to invest in solutions that will underpin your leadership in the future, you can be confident that when you select Siemens’ as your partner, you have a solid foundation for success.

Gartner is a leading worldwide IT research and advisory firm. Each year, Gartner evaluates vendors and displays rankings in the Magic Quadrant. In the 2017 Gartner MES/MOM Magic Quadrant, which is the first ever for this area of applications, companies were assessed on “Ability to Execute”, covering aspects such as products or service, overall viability, market responsiveness/record, marketing execution, operations and customer experience along with “Completeness of Vision,” which scores aspects such as product strategy, innovation, understanding of market and industry verticals.

Siemens holds a unique position in the manufacturing market by providing a holistic solution that supports the entire value chain, from ideation to design, manufacturing execution, software for plant automation, plant hardware, coupled with an open cloud-based operating system for the IoT.

Industrial Machinery and Heavy Equipment manufacturers face global challenges with increasing regional emissions regulations, customer buying criteria, multiple configurations, and the growing requirements for software and electronics. A unified, open Digital Enterprise Industry Solution that enables collaborative manufacturing across your global product development and manufacturing organizations is Siemens’ answer. Our solution enables you to shift the design and development of manufacturing processes upstream so that they can be interlocked with product design and development on an open Digital Enterprise Platform, enabling you to manage individual product and regional manufacturing location needs while ensuring a consistent process to deliver quality.

Are you ready join other top performers on the leading platform for Industrial Machinery and Heavy Equipment manufacturing? See what it’s all about.

Click here for more information on Siemens’ Magic Quadrant placement, and to view the 2017 Magic Quadrant report for MES/MOM.


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