ARC REPORT: Siemens’ Manufacturing Operations Management Solutions Supports Digitalization

The ARC Advisory Group recently detailed the value of Siemens’ acquisitions leading to best-of-breed Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM). Read this report for ARC’s key findings, which include the following:

  • Acquiring several best-of-breed applications over nearly two decades

  • MOM capabilities spanning multiple industries.

  • The Siemens MOM portfolio is designed to support end-to-end integration of the digital enterprise and enhances it with cloud-based and SaaS technologies.

  • Siemens MOM supports closed-loop manufacturing (CLM) and closed-loop quality (CLQ) integration.

  • Siemens MOM improves the user experience through a common user interface and graphical workflow designer.


The ARC Advisory Group is the leading technology research and advisory firm for industry, infrastructure and cities. The company’s coverage includes operation technologies, engineering technologies and associated business trends.


The ARC report provides a well-constructed summary of Siemens’ MOM efforts and MOM benefits to the industries served by the Siemens portfolio.


Read the report today.

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