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By Alessandro Cereseto

The SIMATIC IT UA Discrete Manufacturing White Paper Version 1.2 is now available. 

In a scenario in which business is more and more impacted by the Internet and end customers are increasingly able to tell manufacturers directly exactly what they want and when, manufacturers must respond quickly with improved flexibility to enable individualized mass production, and with the efficiency to reduce energy and resource consumption. Siemens now offers a holistic automation solution covering all major Industry 4.0 requirements: the Digital Enterprise Software Suite. Manufacturers are better equipped to initiate or respond to disruptive innovation trends when their processes are fully digitalized.

SIMATIC IT Unified Architecture model for discrete manufacturing
The challenges in current manufacturing environments are becoming more and more exacting, and manufacturers need solutions from their suppliers that provide tangible benefits with quantifiable and quick return on investment. To increase competitiveness, manufacturers must simultaneously reduce time-to-market and cope with shorter product lifecycles, increase visibility and comply with regulatory demands, optimize forecasting and scheduling, and reduce scrap, stock levels and downtimes ‒ all while ensuring optimal quality and production efficiency across all global facilities.

SIMATIC IT Unified Architecture is the innovative MOM from Siemens, and it supports manufacturers by enhancing productivity and flexibility through technological leadership combined with industry-specific features.

SIMATIC IT Unified Architecture Discrete Manufacturing is the specialized product addressing the needs of the discrete industry market, focusing on job-shop part manufacturing and complex manual assembly.

The Siemens Closed-Loop Manufacturing (CLM) solution provides a way to bring together product engineering and process planning with production execution and automation: both engineering and runtime data is exchanged circularly (that is, in a closed loop), accelerating the adoption of any changes or corrective measures necessary for improving quality and lead time. The Siemens CLM solution is based on the integration between Teamcenter® Manufacturing and SIMATIC IT Unified Architecture Discrete Manufacturing.

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Want to learn more? SIMATIC IT UA Discrete Manufacturing offers native engineering and run-time data definition. As a product engineer, you can define entities so it is possible to model engineering data. This means you can configure information about the products you will produce, the production process and related work operations, and all required resources, such as locations, machines, tools, material definitions, defects and rework codes. 

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