NX 10 for Manufacturing Increases Shop Floor Efficiencies

By Sashko Kurciski

In NX 10 for Manufacturing, we introduced more powerful capabilities for CAM, CMM, and tool design that can boost efficiency of shop floor equipment and increase overall productivity. The software also includes new production line design capabilities for automotive assembly manufacturing.


Industry-specific capabilities in NX CAM 10 enable manufacturers to increase their productivity:

  • Mold and die machining: New adaptive roughing strategies for effective material removal and precise finishing methods can reduce machining time and improve surface finish.

  • Prismatic parts machining: Automated feature grouping, optimized sequencing and streamlined chamfer milling simplify programming and optimize machining of prismatic parts, such as machinery equipment components.

  • Complex parts machining: Advanced 5-axis machining strategies ensure high quality surface finish and more efficient programming of complex parts, including blisks, impellers, and aircraft engine casings.

NX CMM Inspection Programming 10

New automated inspection programming and analysis capabilities in NX CMM 10 allow fast programming and reliable inspection:

  • Efficient scanning paths can be automatically created by using PMI-driven inspection programming.

  • Enhanced collision avoidance options during inspection on the CMM machine.

  • New measurement analysis functions let you compare multiple results sets to improve the quality of machined parts.

NX Tooling Design 10

Enhanced capabilities help to develop high-quality tooling designs faster and more efficiently:

  • Fast retrieval of standard parts using enhanced searching capabilities of the Re-use Library.

  • Enhanced tool motion simulation options, including easy change of kinematic models, enables accurate validation of mold and die assemblies.

  • Streamlined parting surface design functions let you create an associative parting surface even in the most complex areas of the mold.

Line Designer

Line Designer is a new solution to design and visualize layouts of manufacturing lines in NX. Some of the key features include:

  • Advanced parametric engine that lets you efficiently design and adjust individual components or complete layouts.

  • Flexible 2D and 3D digital representation of manufacturing equipment.

  • Validation of designed layouts with Tecnomatix Process Simulate and Plant Simulation.

  • Access to a fully classified equipment library that can be managed with Teamcenter.

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