Eye-tracking has the power to transform your workplace

This entry is by Product Engineering Software’s Vanessa Bloss.

What would you say if someone told you to run a marathon once a week? You would probably call that person crazy. But did you know that the average designer moves their mouse up to 4 miles per day and does 8000 mouse clicks? In a normal work day with 7 working hours this accumulates to almost 20 miles of mouse movements per week! Without realizing it many of us are doing a weekly marathon at our workstations. Most people would agree, that mouse clicks and mouse movements are one of the simpler tasks of our daily work routine. We are mostly faced with much harder challenges. Therefore, it’s so interesting to see just how much time and effort the simple aspects of our daily routine cost us.

The Munich based company 4tiitoo made it their mission to improve our daily productivity at work. 4tiitoo developed the innovative eye-tracking platform NUIA (Natural User Interfaces Application) Productivity +, which allows more efficient computer operation through eye control. For over 30 years eye tracking was predominantly used as a scientific method in neuroscience or advertising psychology, but 4tiitoo brought the advantages of Natural User Interaction into our digital workplace. It’s mind-blowing what an enormous impact computer operation through eye control can have in a digital workplace. NUIA technology can increase productivity in only one work day by more than 6%. Imagine this efficiency potential in a year!

The eye control platform is already used by NX customers to navigate within the NX user interface. Keith Wilson of Siemens shares his observations about the NUIA integration:

“The most notable benefit for NX users will be the “Smart Teleport” functionality. This module automatically teleports the mouse pointer to the most likely element in the gazed area on the screen. Users will greatly benefit from this as they spend a lot of time moving between major areas of the screen. Another great area of benefit will be the quality check in production line. The eye control allows a worker to be hands-free while looking up details of the procure on a screen. “

Keith Wilson, NX Business development

We are proud to work with such an innovative partner like 4tiitoo. Our flexible and open strategy which leads to close partnership with a wide field of technology partners is one of the key pillars of our new Xcelerator portfolio. We built a strong ecosystem which allows you to perform at the speed of innovation, regardless of the size of your company and how far along you are in your digital transformation.  The Xcelerator portfolio is based upon three key pillars: Comprehensive Digital Twin; Personalized and Adaptable; Flexible and Open. Our flexible and adaptable applications, as well as new business models enable us to respond even faster to your needs. The Xcelerator portfolio is not just a new name, it offers more personalized ways to develop the best solutions for you.

We believe that a comprehensive digital twin is an essential part for an effective digital transformation. Our customer Polar Electro gives a great example by streamlining its mechanical, electronic and manufacturing processes using the full capacity of our Siemens solutions. The Polar vision is to design the ultimate sports watch. This sports watch needs to be perfect in size, weight, aesthetics, ergonomics as well as functionality. This makes it a highly complex product. Polar creates their watches by designing them in NX, manages the data with Teamcenter and works with FloEFD and Xpedition to develop their innovative product range. The collaboration of the different products within our portfolio is what brings real value to your company and which reduces the time to market significantly.

Thrive in complexity, be more productive and lead innovation with the help of the Siemens Digital Industries Software Xcelerator portfolio.

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