WEBINAR: A Comprehensive Digital Twin Solution and Virtual Commissioning for Machine Design

By Julianne Bass

Manufacturers are increasingly requiring digital twins from their machine builders for virtual factory acceptance tests.

Questions that many come up during exploration regarding the digital twin and virtual commissioning include:

A digital twin is fine, but how do we justify the escalating cost by doing this? how do we convince the client?

Our experience with machine builders in the US, is that by the second or third project, the software has paid for itself in savings in the design and especially in the commissioning of your machines.

Where do you see the future of virtual commissioning?

As manufacturers look to reduce their startup times, and have a better validation process for the machines they are buying, they will increasing demand digital twins from their machine suppliers.

With a Siemens NX Comprehensive digital twin solution and virtual commissioning, companies can reduce their costs and time to market, and harness the layers of complexity and data in machine design. Mechanical, electrical and automation engineers can work collaboratively to increase first-time quality.

In this webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Identify and correct errors in the virtual world to improve machine quality
  • Train operators prior to installation and operation
  • Enhance customer buying experiences by showcasing the machine‚Äôs digital twin

and more.

For more on these topics and more regarding virtual commissioning register for our on-demand webinar now.

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