Smart Design Series: Gaining Insight Into Intake Manifold Designs with Simcenter FLOEFD

By William Chanatry

Welcome to the Smart Design Series. Original content created from our Simcenter FLOEFD team here at Siemens. This will be a library of videos developed to help you become familiar with how Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) can be utilized by the design engineer. The series will illustrate how your CAD models can be easily analyzed and dissected to give insight into the workings of their behavior with Simcenter FLOEFD, the award-winning CAD-embedded CFD solution for the design engineer.

In this installment of the series, we will review an intake manifold design. The model is quickly prepared for analysis and analyzed. A parametric study is then set up to find how the angle of the throttle valve will affect the flow rate at the exit and then we’ll compare the results between different scenarios. We will also set up a transient study to see the changes in pressure over time when each exit has a different pressure profile versus time. 

Please take a look at our video below:

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