NX Case Study: JCB

JCB: Delivering the world’s most powerful diesel engine

Following the successful launch of the JCB444 Diesel engine, JCB developed a high-performance version – the world’s most powerful automotive diesel engine per liter.

JCB Diesel Engine


  • Build on company history of innovation by moving into diesel engine development, a new direction for the company

  • Ensure a meticulously managed development process

  • Produce an innovative first product that would immediately command the trust and respect of the market

Keys To Success:

  • Use NX digital product development system to support a flexible, iterative engine development program

  • Create accurate 3D models that aid extensive virtual and real world testing


  • Successful development and launch of the acclaimed JCB444 Diesel engine

  • Introduction of the world’s most powerful automotive diesel engine per liter – the LSR high-performance 750bhp version of the JCB444

  • Enhanced product quality through introduction of purpose-built diesel engine

  • Superior competitive edge


  • Industrial Machinery & Equipment

  • Heavy Equipment Machinery

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