Next Generation CAD design solution drives innovation for auto suppliers

By William Chanatry

Join us to learn more about the high-performance design capabilities of NX for the automotive industry. In this webinar you will see how NX prepares you for the next generation of vehicles and components.

Automotive suppliers must remain at the forefront of new technologies while keeping costs down and navigating an uncertain market. NX from Siemens Digital Industries Software is the next generation design solution that integrates design, engineering, and manufacturing, enables generative and traditional design, and facilitates better collaboration between OEMs and suppliers.

On March 25 Nand Kochhar, VP of Automotive and Transportation Strategy, and Tom Spangler, Senior Marketing Manager for product engineering software,  will present a detailed look at the trends and challenges faced by automotive suppliers and how Siemens NX can help you deal with them.

Join us for our webinar!

See below for some examples of how automotive companies are utilizing NX for their global design platforms:

Marquardt chooses Siemens NX for its global CAD platform

Marquardt is a leader in interactive mechatronics. At some point, virtually every car or truck driver has come into direct contact with Marquardt products. Additionally, the firm’s innovative switches, sensors, and control units can also be found in homes, workshops, and industry. They were challenged by needing a globally unified product platform. Their existing CAD solution was not optimized for their process. They chose NX for its global design platform that leverages Siemens’ expertise and flexibility.

Ducati uses Siemens NX to reduce its development cycle

Ducati delivers approximately 40,000 motorbikes annually. Its product line consists of six product families with seventeen models in the medium and high end of the market. Of the 1,000 employees who work at Ducati, nearly 200 are involved in research and development (R&D), an area the company supports with large investments every year. Ducati has global operations and a wide network of partners and suppliers who handle 92 percent of its production.

By standardizing on NX for product development from initial concept to product launch, Ducati reduced their development time by 40%. They are particularly impressed with the flexibility and ease of use of NX.

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