High School Students Awarded NX Design Certification

By William Chanatry

The bright students at Romeo High School, located in Macomb County, Michigan are the centerpiece of our story here.

Students reviewing their final projects prior to presentations

Students in teacher Evva Dossin’s classroom seem to be well trained for what’s to come in their future career paths. Evva from Romeo High School teaches drafting and design technology, architecture, and environmental engineering technologies. Quite the advanced classes for high school!

Part of Evva’s curriculum involves a final project that students must complete. This tends to mirror the real world. This involves their learning’s from the class, as well as working together to accomplish their engineering designs. Once completed, students must present to the rest of the class. These future engineers were of course using the worlds most powerful and comprehensive design tool to achieve this.

Congrats to our newly certified NX users! Students and their projects are listed below:

Solar Device Charger: Lance Garrisi, Grant Lee,  Edward Finos
Picnic Table Boat: James Seefried, Daniel Malek, Cate Kovacic
Drafting Desk: Nickolas Rogowski, Logan Pokorski, Steven White
Motorized Cooler: Michael Brodzinski, Samuel Smith  
Car Cup Holder Cooler: Christopher Kieleszewski, Nathaniel LeCronier, John Hansen
Shoe Storage Garage:   Brayden Gedert,    Andrew Selewski, Cameron Locke
Blinds Opener: Wyeth Tocco, Brady Finkbeiner, Patrick Bone
Sunglasses: Evan Nicevski, Zachary Lovell

Siemens would like to congratulate the students from Evva Dossin’s class for all their hard work in achieving the NX design certification.

Photos below:

Students holding their NX Design certifications
Talking through their final presentation
Perfecting the design
It’s in the detail


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