Data Exchange with NX

NX offers you a broad selection of data exchange tools. We support vendor-neutral standard exchange formats and popular CAD/CAM systems, the data translators and CAD file conversion tools accurately move data into and out of NX.

NX file conversion tools support standard and neutral file exchange formats, including:

The neutral format translators are included in most NX software packages, and can be simply invoked through File Import and File Export commands.

Once you import models from other systems, Synchronous Technology in NX enables you to easily recognize features and design intent, and directly modify geometry with unparalleled speed and simplicity.

NX Migration Advantage

But, do you need more than that?  Do you need to migrate from your current product data files and intellectual property (IP) to NX?

More than a data translation solution, NX Migration Advantage is a complete and proven process that will enable you to migrate CAD datasets into native NX data sets within a managed Teamcenter environment.  The process includes the capability to convert explicit boundary representation (BREP) models, feature-based models, assemblies and associative drawings. In addition, utilities are provided for model and drawing analysis and validation of the resultant NX data sets.

Sample CATIA File à CATIA file in NX

Content Migration Manager for CATIA V5

ProEngineer sample file à ProEngineer file in NX

3D Content Migration for Pro/Engineer

With NX Migration Advantage, you can:

  • Protect your investment in intellectual property

  • Preserve and leveragelegacy CAD data

  • Minimize migration effort, cost and risk

 To find out more, see our NX Migration Fact sheet, or contact your local sales representative.


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