Cloud Connected Products: Scan to Part and Drafting & Layout

By William Chanatry

During times of increased demand, being able to scale up your company’s resources and production is critical. Companies can quickly fall behind with slower time-to-market, inefficient product design processes and hindered collaboration. NX Cloud Connected Products solve these challenges so you can deliver your products to market faster than the competition. 

NX Cloud Connected Products deliver the high-performance CAD capabilities of NX™, the leading solution for product design. Take advantage of the many features, tools and functionality found in NX with the flexibility of a software license subscription.  

Our streamlined online purchase* and quick setup help you become productive faster. Automatic updates ensure that your software is always up-to-date. Reduce operating costs with flexible subscription. 


  • Low and predictable capital investment  
  • Flexibility to increase and reduce number of users based on demand  
  • Streamlined product acquisition, download, installation and activation  
  • Scalable and reliable  

Scan to Part 

Use reverse engineering tools to leverage imported scanned 3D data in your design process. NX imports polygon facet data directly from scanning physical objects, so there is no need to map surfaces, create solids, or manually re-create geometry. Advanced convergent modeling technology also allows designers to combine facets, surfaces, and solids in one model without converting data. CAD industry standard format translators are included, as well as the capability to run a variety of automated applications. 

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Drafting & Layout 

Need highly efficient drafting tools on the cloud? NX Drafting automates and streamlines engineering drawing production. Drawings are associative to models, so model changes automatically update and are reflected in related drawings. Use drafting tools to create engineering drawings from 3D models to communicate your 3D designs.  

NX Layout is an easy-to-use 2D concept design solution that enhances 2D conceptual design with the use of intelligent, design centric, re-usable objects called 2D components. Automatically creating an assembly based on a layout accelerates the product design phase by allowing you to explore concepts in 2D and iterate and transfer it to 3D. NX Layout also reduces the cost of training, maintenance and implementation. 

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Deliver innovative, world-class products to market faster with NX Cloud Connected Products, and experience the next generation of design on the cloud.

*Credit card purchase only available in the United States and Germany.  

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