Winter Simulation Conference 2009

Many of you probably use or consume Procter & Gamble (P&G) products in some fashion almost every day. I certainly do, at least when I shave anyway. But it wasn’t until I thought about the fact that P&G uses simulation software – to optimize material flow, resource utilization and logistics – that I realized just how many products they produce every day around the world, and the high volumes associated with each of those products.

We had the opportunity to talk with the P&G Technology Section Head for Global Computer Aided Engineering, Brad Whitmore about the challenges they face and the success they’ve achieved by using our simulation software. Actually, Jeff Miller will be talking about them at the Winter Simulation Conference and highlighting the success they have had with the Tecnomatix Plant Design and Optimization solution.

I just got a sneak-preview from him grin

BTW: Georg Piepenbrock, the Tecnomatix Plant Simulation Product Manager will be at the conference available for discussions and latest news and trends.

For more information about the Plant Design and Optimization solution, just visit the solution web page.

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