Why Brad Jaeger Became an Engineer

It was inspiring to see three “generations” of Solid Edge users interacting this week – professional, college and high school engineers all talking and sharing ideas. The student engineers enjoyed talking with Brad Jaeger and Oliver Kuttner of Edison2. All shared ideas on designing better cars.

Brad says he was inspired to pursue engineering from his father, who was an electrical engineer and “car nut.” His father instilled in him to think like an engineer early in his life. In our video interview Brad talks about his engineering career and what he recommends student engineers focus on.


“This project (Edison2) is something that can captivate the young audience. It can get them interested in engineering. Hopefully we can get more students going through engineering school and learning Solid Edge.”

Brad says he was blown away at how proficient FSAE student engineers from Auburn University are in Solid Edge. He encourages students to pursue projects that provide real-world experience. (Especially those that give you Solid Edge experience ;-))
“Because it’s what we believe in and what we use, if they have Solid Edge on their resume, they go straight to the top of our list.”

That’s Brad’s story, what’s yours?

–        Dora

P.S. If you’re a student and want to take Brad up on his advice, you can start by downloading the free student edition of Solid Edge.

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