What do I want from an Apple “tablet”

By NikPakvasa

Most of us lug around on our travels multiple gadgets, Blackberry Phone, Laptop, mp3 music player, e-reader and probably a note book for taking notes.

Wouldn’t it be cool if a new device could combine all these into a single hybrid device so I can listen to music, surf the web anywhere anytime, read books and news papers, watch movies, take notes, jot down ideas and observations, work on my presentations and even make phone calls? And to top it off it would have multi-touch interface that goes beyond iPhone i.e., I could flip a page as I do with normal books, or I could drop & drag objects with touch, or I could draw, sketch, write, etc with my fingers!

Apple is rumored to introduce a new “tablet” gizmo this week.The hype and mystery surrounding has created tremendous buzz. There are many unconfirmed reports about what it is, its capabilities and specifications.

Apple has always been able to take dots – technologies- and connect them. iPod was not the first MP3 player but what iPod did was to connect hardware and software to deliver a compelling user experience. Can Apple connect multi-touch user interface, personal computing, phone, e-reader, smart phone, video games, cloud computing and streaming, etc to deliver a compelling new computing experience? Will this revolutionize our computing, surfing, reading, audio and video experiences? Will Apple make “tablet” main stream? Will Apple “tablet” change our concept of computing?

Tablet computers are already here, having been launched as long ago as November 2001 by none other than Jobs’s arch-¬rival, Bill Gates. “I’m already using a [Microsoft] Tablet as my everyday computer,” Gates told his audience at the Comdex show in Las Vegas back then. “It’s a PC that is virtually without limits…Within five years, I predict it will be the most popular form of PC sold in America.” So in some sense we have been waiting for the perfect “tablet” since 2001.

Mr. Jobs, we are ready. Surprise us. Call it what you want. I want two of this “tablet”.

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