Tracking Simulation

By MarkBurhop

I’ll be hanging out with the analysts following the Simulation Track at PLM Connections. If you are reading this blog feel free to talk to me and tell me what you or the folks at home want to hear.

Jim Rusk kicked off the track with an overview of simulations activities. Jim is the Vice President of Digital Simulation and manages about 130 internal people. With some partners Siemens has about 150 people working on Advanced Simulation. One of his primary directions is bringing Simulation earlier into the design process rather than to just use it for “Validation”. His team is also working on Simulation Data management.

Jim’s team has focused primarily on high end analysis but has two key user groups. Along with the high end analyst there is a more engineer or designer group more focused on components and entry level analysis. Some of the technical areas of interest for his organization are:

• Integrating and enabling data management for information
• Drive technology for automated geometry and meshing definition
• Enable large solutions and Graphics with 64 bit environments 64 bit environments have really resolved a lot of problems for FEA.

Jim showed a couple videos of NX6 demonstrating some new work related to pyramid elements and assembly level mid-surfacing. The pyramid elements are important for hex to tet element transition. This is particularly targeted at Ansys and but will be supported in NX NASTRAN in 6.1.

Future presentations will go into more details where I hope to tell you more.

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