Tecnomatix Update: Smarter Decisions, Better Products.

By Tim Egloff

Tecnomatix Release Update 

With the continuing volatility of global economic conditions, manufacturers must strive to get the most out of their manufacturing investments.  Today’s manufacturing leaders are constantly assessing capability to become more flexible, more sustainable and competitive to meet opportunity when and where it arises.  This requires the determination to continually assess production capability in the most efficient means possible.

With the latest release of Tecnomatix 10.1, we’re taking on the complexity of planning global production strategies, improving the ability to assure worker productivity and safety, and driving higher value solutions for optimizing production and improving quality.

This release brings to market the latest in digital manufacturing solutions, which work together to power your manufacturing productivity in a changing world.

The latest enhancements deliver comprehensive insight through five key capabilities:

PLM for Manufacturing
A brand new product built on our Teamcenter-based process authoring tool, Manufacturing Process Planner, further improves collaboration for planning product build strategies whether over multiple plants or within a single plant.  View a video on Enterprise Bill-of-Process here.

Efficient Planning
Advanced Assembly Planning also includes a new line balancing application which allows our customers to balance their production lines using simplified drag and drop capabilities and validate manufacturing constraints and precedence.  This is a new capability for manufacturing process authoring on Teamcenter.  View a video on Line Balancing here.

Optimized Systems
With the latest addition to our Plant Simulation solution, VSM Library, you have the power to create value stream maps of your production systems from a new library of components which are tied to the discrete-event analysis engine.  This is a brand new weapon for our customer’s lean toolkit!

Enhancements to the 3D environment for Sankey diagrams improves configurations for visualizing multiple products, curves and transport quantities while performing discrete-event analysis 

Proven Validation
With the latest enhancements of our Process Simulate solution, we deliver functional improvements through a new Calibration application, Virtual Commissioning performance improvements and better integration with Siemens SIMIT software. Also, we’re improving ease of use with an enhanced robot jog dialog and better control and visibility of continuous manufacturing features.

Lifecycle Quality
Fully integrated to Teamcenter, the latest release of our lifecycle quality solutions increases the fidelity of dimensional analysis in design while streamlining your ability to manage global production quality.  Now you can visualize feature variation through an FEA analysis mesh and manage global production quality in an easily configured web interface.

There are many more enhancements in this latest release including a new Fatigue Analysis feature for Jack Human Simulation.

Want to know more?  Follow any of the Tecnomatix 10.1 links on this page and while you’re at it, check out our cool Tecnomatix 10 release video.

See some of the new features on Flickr or learn more about the market-leading digital manufacturing solution from Tecnomatix.

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