Tecnomatix update - manufacturing for the future

WindowsLiveWriterTecnomatixupdatemanufacturingforthefutur_C876DSCN0687_thumbAlain Iung was last but definitely not least of the product portfolio presentations.  Alain started the Tecnomatix portfolio update.  He outlined the key requirements of having a single source of manufacturing knowledge and enabling top floor to shop floor collaboration.  The manufacturing backbone was then detailed including multi-CAD management, enterprise wide access to manufacturing resources and knowledge management.  Three domain solutions were discussed in detail: assembly planning, robotics and automation planning and quality management.


The most interesting aspect of assembly planning is the fact that this can now be done completely in a single environment – no application or data switching is required, which is a stark difference to other available solutions.  On the topic of robotics and automation planning, it is interesting to note that automation commissioning and robotics commissioning both require an understanding of the devices that eventually will be controlled.  The access to the rest of Siemens will help make the understanding Tecnomatix has of these devices even richer.  However the strategy is still in place to be open and connected with automation and robotics from all providers.  When the Quality Management application is accessed by customers they can expect the best tools to be ensure minimal errors in released products.

Larry Bemi from the products team then shared 3 customer success stories.  Vought was able to use Tecnomatix to maintain IP control while still staying connected with suppliers and customers for flexible manufacturing.  Volvo car was able to use the Robotic Simulation to plan for spotweld and gluing in very dense robotic environments in an offline mode, reducing line downtime because the robots could be programmed and tested without removing the robots from production status.  The last case study was a short video success story from Waltonen engineering, a full service design engineering and consulting focused at the automotive and aerospace and defense industries.  Waltonen has been able to use Tecnomatix to develop a complete line model for a customer that was then delivered digitally helping to eliminate a 3rd shift of production.

Larry went on to address the investment themes for product development, specifically advanced process authoring on as part of Teamcenter which will enable process engineering for multiple industries.  Enterprise bill of process, process simulate robotics and the quality solution are other areas that are getting attention. 

Alain concluded the presentation by re-emphasizing that Tecnomatix is one of the key links between virtual and physical, and therefore key to delivering on Siemens strategy moving forward.

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