Tecnomatix Releases DPV Lite for SMB Manufacturers

It doesn’t matter if you’re a small manufacturer with one plant or a large multinational with factories around the world; consistently delivering products that meet quality requirements is one of the best business strategies for long-term profitability and growth.

As a result, each manufacturer carries a cost of quality on their balance sheet.  Some invest heavily to effectively mitigate quality issues through rigorous preventative practices, but all carry the cost of appraisal (inspection, testing, etc.).  This means that even the SMB manufacturer can have the same challenges as their larger counterparts:

  • Differing metrology equipment, software and data configurations

  • Inefficient use of equipment and inspection operation bottlenecks

  • Excessive time and effort to translate and consolidate results

  • Ineffective or delayed root cause identification

In every case, these challenges reduce productivity, add to the overall cost of quality and can impact profitability in a significant way.

This is why Siemens PLM Software has developed DPV Lite, a right-sized solution that specifically addresses how well you leverage your appraisal cost investments while delivering unmatched technology to help mitigate the ugly side of the cost of quality equation; failure.

 Want to know more?  Watch this video:


Learn more about our DPV solution.

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