Tecnomatix Press Line Simulation at BSH

By abhidastidar

Whenever I think of press lines, an image of an automotive plant making those sheet metal body frames comes to mind. Increasingly these highly sophisticated press lines are also used in other manufacturing sectors. BSH Home Appliances Corporation is using such automated and flexible press lines to make high-end consumer appliances.

We have all seen that modern press lines are becoming highly automated, flexible and are capable of handling complex metal forming operations. However, these flexible press lines are quite expensive, and manufacturers such as BSH have to find ways to maximize the ROI of their press line equipment. They need solutions that can help them to minimize changeover cycle and thereby reduce downtime. In addition, they have to make sure that time and effort required troubleshooting tooling, transfer lines and automation systems are minimized as much as possible. Tecnomatix Press Line Simulation software allows manufacturers to design and validate the entire press process that includes tooling design, die design, material flow and press setup completely in a virtual environment.

Watch this video and learn how BSH is using Tecnomatix Press Line simulation for programming, analysis and simulation of multi-level presses. According to Dr. Johannes Selders, Senior Vice President at BSH, the company was able to increase production time and productivity of press lines by up to 40% using Tecnomatix Press Line Simulation.

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