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By Robert_Hidajat

Last week, more than 1800 people descended upon the Big D for Siemens PLM Connection 2013. Kudos to PLM World for bringing Siemens PLM Software users and partners together with our support team, developers, managers and executives for a week full of learning, IRL social networking and inspiration. For me, it was truly inspirational to meet so many of you throughout the conference and to listen to you share your experiences with our solutions and your thoughts on our future direction.

From Teamcenter’s perspective, throughout the conference we announced and shared how Teamcenter is simplifying PLM. Here’s my quick recap and highlights from the conference on how we are achieving our vision to simplify PLM today and moving forward.
Platform and apps separation

If you asked me what’s the one thing I want you to take away from this post, this is it! At last year’s Siemens PLM Connection, platform and apps separation was a spark, an idea, but we knew that it is the right direction to propel Teamcenter forward. We knew that it should not be just a grand vision to aim toward and hopefully achieve in 5-10 years. At Siemens PLM Software we don’t just talk about vision, we execute on that vision everyday! Today, platform and apps separation is a reality. So, what does it mean?

By separating Teamcenter applications from being dependent on the latest and greatest Teamcenter platform, we can deliver solutions to you faster than ever before. As new applications become available you can now adopt and take advantage of them immediately without upgrading to the latest version of the Teamcenter platform.

Over the past year, we introduced a number of transformational applications that are platform independent, including Briefcase Browser for supplier integration, Substance Compliance for sustainability initiatives, Product Cost Management for providing visibility into costs throughout your product lifecycle, and Quality Management with CAPA.

With platform and apps separation, we’re providing a simplified approach to deliver PLM applications so you can adopt them quickly and achieve faster return on your investment.

Rapid Start and cloud

Next, Teamcenter Rapid Start delivers pre-configured Teamcenter solution that can be deployed quickly so you can take control of your product data and processes today.

One of the hardest thing to get started with PLM is deciding where and how to start. With Teamcenter Rapid Start we take that guesswork away and we provide you with a pre-configured solution built on best-practices accumulated from our decades of experience.

Since Teamcenter Rapid Start is built on Teamcenter, not a different PLM platform or a limited version of Teamcenter, as your company matures in your PLM journey it is easy to adapt and grow it to a full PLM implementation.

Teamcenter on the cloud takes PLM deployability to the next level by delivering Teamcenter through the infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) platform pay-as-you-go model. With Teamcenter on the cloud you can deploy Teamcenter quickly and you have the flexibility to scale your infrastructure as needed without a heavy upfront investments.

Three of the leading cloud services – Microsoft’s Windows Azure™IBM’s SmartCloud Enterprise+, and Amazon Web Services™ – have been certified to offer the IaaS platform for Teamcenter.

With Teamcenter Rapid Start and Teamcenter on the cloud, we’re providing a simplified approach to PLM deployability so you can start rapidly while insuring that your PLM investment are protected as you grow.

Active Workspace

Finally, we gave you a glimpse into Active Workspace client for Teamcenter which will be available very soon. Active Workspace is another great example of how we execute our vision. It is an innovative new interface that provides you with a streamlined and intuitive PLM user experience that puts PLM at your fingertips.

Active Workspace provides:

  • A clean and beautiful touch-enabled client, bringing you a consistent PLM user experience anytime, anywhere, on any device without requiring any client or plug-in installation

  • A powerful search capability, with intelligent charting that visually presents results in logical groups, allowing you to find what you need faster so you can accomplish your tasks faster

  • A context aware interface that cuts through the clutter and proactively presents only relevant information in the context of your role and the tasks that you’re trying to accomplish, enabling you to see the “big picture” so you can make smarter product decisions

With Active Workspace, we’re providing a simplified approach to PLM usability to increase your productivity and expand the reach of PLM throughout the product lifecycle.

There you have it! Our first steps at simplifying PLM by providing you with a simplified approach to PLM usability, deployability and application delivery. What do you think? Please let me know your thoughts and feedbacks in the comment below.

Watch this blog for more updates as we move forward through this year and the next. I hope to see you in Orlando, FL next year for Siemens PLM Connections 2014!

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