Synchronous Technology Hits Northern Europe

By Christian Kelley

I am traveling in Denmark and Sweden this week, speaking with existing users and prospects about Solid Edge with Synchronous Technology. Everyone is back from holiday and eager to start a new chapter. The response to Synchronous Technology has been overwhelming. Speaking to a standing-room-only crowd of over 200 in Denmark, the excitement in the air was clear. Many folks are just dying to get their hands on it – which they now can, as shipments have begun just this week.

Of the many benefits of Synchronous Technology, two resonated very clearly with these crowds, as it has with others. EVERYONE now has to work with customers and suppliers and a variety of CAD formats as the data changes hands. The power of Solid Edge to edit data in the same intuitive way, regardless of source, is a hit with virtually everyone – they can immediately see putting this aspect into practice.

Another item that rings consistently true with each audience is the pain of editing a design that they didn’t personally create. When I ask, “how many of you have had to edit someone else’s part,” 80% of the room raises their hands! This is a shockingly high number, to me, but I guess this is the reality of today’s environment where every user is asked to do more with less. They all laugh and nod their heads knowingly when I ask if the day they edit someone else’s model is the day they wished they were on vacation. The hours of productivity lost planning out modeling approaches or debugging someone else’s modeling approach are unfathomable. To these folks, the value of Synchronous Technology is immediately clear.

One of the mantras we used to guide the development of Synchronous Technology was “Create once, edit forever.” The crowds here in northern Europe make it clear that this tenet was spot on. I look forward to these customers getting their hands on the technology and deploying it to make their companies more successful than ever before.

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