Synchronous Technology for History-based NX models – Part 3

By JerrySarfati

In Part 1 & Part 2 of my blog posts “Synchronous Technology for History-based models” I showed how to use NX Design Freedom powered by Synchronous Technology in models that contain parametric history data. 

In this post I would like to share with you another example of how Synchronous Technology can be used with history-based models.

For this scenario, we want to move a rib that separates these two pockets. But, the original designer made this part using two separate sets of geometry, so moving the rib by feature editing could be time consuming.

Design Freedom makes this simple, all you need to do is select the geometry you want to change and drag it into its new position.

NX allows you to make changes to your models the way you need to, without relying on pre-planning of features and history. …And with NX, downstream data such as drawings are accurately updated.

Consider how long it would take you to make this small change with your existing design software.

This wraps up the 3-Part series on how Synchronous Technology can be used with History-based geometry, if you’d like to see more, leave me a comment!


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