Synchronous Technology and Speculation

As a blogger, I tend to follow a lot of blogs myself. It’s been interesting to watch the discussions on Synchronous Technology by a wide range of people – users of other products, CAD experts, people from competitors, and our own customers.

When you release a new product you naturally do some marketing prior to this. Synchronous Technology is some powerful, new technology for Siemens so there is going to be a bit more marketing than usual. However, we are not quite to product release. So as I commented on one blog, “a lot of people are trying to rate the movie from the previews”. Do a search for “Synchronous Technology” in Google blogs and you will see the blogosphere is buzzing with all kinds of speculation.

Siemens has tried to get some technical information out to people and provide details where they can but what is really needed is to take NX6 and Solid Edge ST for a test drive. That is still a few weeks off for most people.

Being on the inside (and in product development), I know the potential of Synchronous Technology. So be patient. Everything will be clear in just a few more weeks grin

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