Speed-up Aero-Engines and Increase Power Generation

By Markus Erlmann

Parts like this one do the job. They speed-up aero-engines and increase power generation.


But they are difficult to manufacture. And it’s even more difficult to create the G-code or NC-program which is required for the machine tool. Don’t worry too much. NX CAM provides some dedicated functionality for blisks and impellers. We call this NX Turbomachinery Milling which provides faster programming for 5-axis machine tools. It includes specialized NC programming operations for 5-axis roughing and finishing of blades and hubs.

NC programmers can save time and effort producing collision and gouge free tool paths (up to 90% faster compared to generic CAM functions).

My colleague Jerry mentioned this new capabilities in a previous blog post, but here is a cool marketing video:

And if you are more interested about the technical details take a look here:

BTW: if you are interested in seeing a video showing the rapid prototyping process of such a part; take a look at my previous blog post from the Hannover Fair this year.

For more detailed information just visit the NX Turbomachinery Milling homepage.

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