Solid Edge Tips & Tricks: Place Part Options

In this show find out how to place components in assemblies as well as some useful tips and tricks that streamline the process.

Solid Edge Tips & Tricks from GTAC

How do I change the handle point for cross sections in Frames?

On the Frame ribbon, go to Modify Cross Section -> select the desired cross section in your frame, and then accept. The Define Handle Point options will then become active on the Frame ribbon.

How do I get the Cam relationship to follow the inside of a slot instead of the outside?
Use Edit Definition on the Cam relationship and select the “Flip” option to pull the pin to the inside of the slot.

Overlapping shaded drawing views are not printing correctly?
If the printer does not support the ‘PlgBlt’ function, shaded drawing views may obscure geometry where the views overlap. The possible solutions are A) use the manipulation commands to ‘pull up’ or ‘push down’ the display order. To access these commands they will have to be added to a custom menu. B) Modify the drawing view boundary so that the drawing views to not overlap. C) Save As PDF should output the correct results, and can in-turn be printed.

How do you specify a wire diameter in the Spring Designer module?
Click on the Options button at the bottom of the form and, in the Design Criteria section, select “Find Loads for given Spring Parameters”.

How do you delete a Broken-Out Section View in Draft file?
To delete a broken-out section view, delete the broken-out section view profile. Right mouse click on Drawing View Properties and go to the General tab. Check the box to the “Show Broken-Out Section view profiles, click OK, this will expose the profile. Next, delete the profile on the drawing view and then update the Drawing View.

Solid Edge Tips and Tricks from the Experts can be seen weekly. These short videos illustrate how to better utilize features and functions of the Solid Edge CAD software, ultimately helping you do your job more efficiently.

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