Solid Edge Tips & Tricks: Clear Deleted Components

Learn how using this neat tip in Solid Edge ST3 prevents unnecessary warning messages by cleaning up deleted components from out of date display configurations.


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How do you hide drawing view dimensions that were placed in the 2D Model sheet?

If you created views in the 2D Model sheet with many dimensions, but do not want to show them all in the drawing view you are creating from them, you can hide selected dimensions by placing them in the Auto-Hide layer. Here are the steps:

1-     Create your views and dimensions in the 2D Model sheet.
2-     Place drawing views in your working (Sheet 1) using the 2D Model command, located in the Sketching tab, Drawing Views group.
3-     Return to the 2D Model sheet.
4-     Click the Layers tab in Edgebar.
5-     Select all the dimensions you do not want to show in the drawing views you placed in your active sheet.
6-     Now click on the Move Elements command on the Layers tab in Edgebar. Select the Auto-hide layer in the dialog that appears. Click OK.
7-     Return to your active sheet. All the dimensions are gone from the display.
8-     Objects that are placed in the Auto-hide layer no longer show in the active sheet.

Why can’t I apply 3D Section Views to assembly?
If you have some 3D Section Views and cannot apply them to the assembly, it is most likely because you have an Alternate Assembly. When using alternate assemblies, you must have the option Apply Edits to All Members turned on if you want to apply section views. To accomplish this, go to the Alternate Assembly tab in Edgebar and turn the option on and you should be able use your section views. For future reference, the Help article “Alternate assemblies impact on Solid Edge functionality” explains in detail how alternate assemblies affect different commands in Solid Edge. It is a good resource if you use Alternate Assemblies often.

Where can I change the font size for my parts lists?
Go to View -> Styles -> Table -> Modify -> Text -> select Normal -> Modify -> Paragraph -> key-in new Font Size -> OK.

Can you change the Display Configuration of a subassembly in the top assembly?
Yes, select the subassembly in Pathfinder and go to Home-> Configurations-> Display Configurations. There it will show the configuration in use in the subassembly, and a list of all the others. A different one can be selected.

Where is the ‘Hide’ command when creating a shortcut key in ST3?
You will find it under ‘Customize->More Commands->Keyboard-> Categories = Commands Not in the Ribbon ->Hide’.

How do you get dimensions from Create 3D sketches to attach to a model?
Right mouse click on the sketch and select Attach PMI. The sketches must align exactly with the model, as well.

How can you assign properties to all Family of Assemblies members?
If you bring up Property Manager, you will see that all of the members of the Family of Assemblies are listed and their properties can be populated from there.

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