Solid Edge Tips & Tricks: CAM Express Face Milling Associativity

This week’s show brings back Jim Wright and CAM Express. Find out how tool paths created with ‘face selection’ in CAM Express automatically update after changes to your Solid Edge models, eliminating the need to recreate a new boundary or update it to match the new geometry.


What is the option ‘Use Geometry-based Naming’ for in the Part Copy command when selecting Parasolid files?

This option is intended for models coming from other systems. If you add features to the Part Copy, make a change to the source file (non-Solid Edge), recreate the Parasolid file, and replace the previous Parasolid used as a part copy, then Solid Edge can update the features which have been added. If that option is off, the features added to the part copy would fail.

How do I turn off the Radial Menu?
The Radial Menu can be turned off by unchecking ‘Solid Edge Options->Helpers->Radial Menus->Use gestures’.

Why is the Helix command disabled in Synchronous part?
You have to generate a sketch for the cross section and axis before it will activate.

Is there any way to make individually placed parts into a new subassembly?
Yes. Select the part(s) that you want to be in the new subassembly, then go to Home > Modify > Transfer.

How can I reorder characteristics in Standard Parts?
In Assembly select the Standard Parts icon to activate PathFinder. After selecting a standard part, click on the ‘show standard parts list’ icon. The icon will turn red. Now you can reorder the characteristics and properties by dragging the column headers. When finished ‘hide standard parts list’. The changes will not be immediate. You will need to select a different category, and then switch back to get the characteristic order to refresh.

How can I place Distance Between dimension on an iso view?
Distance Between is not supported on pictorial views, but a SmartDimension can be placed between two points on an iso view and yield the correct value. While the dimension is in dynamic mode, simply click on another element and it will switch to a dimension between two elements/points.

Can I place Hole Callouts and Smart Depth callouts using multiple lines?
Yes, there is a Return character available on these tabs of the Modify Dimension Style dialog. It will insert %RT in the hole callout or smart depth which will be interpreted as a Carriage Return.

How can dimension be hidden in a sketch?
Create a layer and then move the dimension to the new layer, then hide the layer.

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