Solid Edge Tips & Tricks: Bolted Connection

Our second Solid Edge Tip & Trick of the week! Learn how to use a ‘bolted connection’ in Solid Edge Simulation to simulate more real world design scenarios from Mark Thompson.


How can I change the default gradient black/white background color to a single color? –

Application Button -> Solid Edge Options -> Colors -> change color for Background -> Apply- > OK.

View -> View -> Background -> change Type from Gradient to Solid Edge Default -> OK.

What is the meaning of “Import Triangles only” in SePvtrn.ini ?
This parameter controls whether the faceted data or Brep data is imported from the .jt file. A false “0” value retrieves the Brep body, while a true “1” value retrieves triangle data without the Brep data.

How can Mandarin and English text coexist in a callout?
You need to set the callout text font to a font that supports both Mandarin and English characters. If you have Microsoft Office installed, Arial Unicode MS would be a good one to use.

Why are my annotations clipped when printed?
Draft file contains shaded drawing views and displays properly on-screen. When printed some balloons do not appear or are partially shown. To correct this you can reorder the display of the balloons so that they are on top of the shaded drawing views. You will need to add the commands to the QAT or Ribbon menus. Look for ‘bring to front’, ‘send to back’, ‘pull up’, and ‘push down’.

Why can this Parasolid file not be opened into assembly?
Set the default part template location in Solid Edge options/helpers and then the part template can be found and the x_t file will import into Assembly.

Why are my special characters displaying as normal characters when selected from the dimension/annotation dialogs?
You do not have the Solid Edge Symbol fonts installed on your machine. Go to the Fonts folder on the Solid Edge disk and copy the Solid Edge ANSI Symbol or ISO Symbol fonts to the WindowsFonts folder on your machine.

Why are all of the Weld Bead commands grayed out in Assembly?
You need to go to the Tools tab and click on the Weldment button to “Mark this assembly as a Weldment” before these commands will be activate.

Solid Edge Tips and Tricks from the Experts can be seen weekly. These short videos illustrate how to better utilize features and functions of the Solid Edge CAD software, ultimately helping you do your job more efficiently.

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