Solid Edge Simulation Rocks on at PLM Connection

For those of you that have been wondering, Ronnie Connerly is now in the process of replacing me as the Solid Edge Simulation product manager.  Many of you may recognize the name as he is the former Solid Edge Assembly product manager. Ronnie also worked in the FEA group in his Intergraph days. We are all getting someone that knows the organization and the people and the technology.

One of my last acts as product manager will be to present Solid Edge Simulation and Femap at PLM Connection on Tuesday morning at 9:30 in Brasillia 5 followed by a Solid Edge Simulation hands on Wednesday (3-5) to close down Velocity part of PLM Connection.

For the Solid Edge Simulation and Femap part, I’m doing things a bit differently. FEA continues to see a lot of growth in our industry and I’m trying to be sensitive to those wondering if Femap or Solid Edge Simulation (or even Simulation Express) is the right tool for them. So, you can learn about both our tools on Tuesday and then follow up with some hands on practical training at the hands on session.

If you have never done FEA before, this is a good place to get your feet wet.  Solid Edge Simulation is made to be very easy to use. We will also talk about results. Just because you can get an answer from your FEA tool doesn’t mean it’s the right answer.

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